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Winning Team at the Midland Zone Horse Trails 2006

The Maryborough Pony Club started in 1964 with a group of dedicated parents and riders.  The venue was Craigie Park, situated on the outskirts of Maryborough. 


The club held the first One Day Event on the 14th August 1966.  The Pony Club itself had only three riders competing.  The event was held annually until 1985 at Craigie Park.  Maryborough Pony Club was the first club to hold a One Day Event to include Grade 5.  Previously the gradings only went down to grade 4.  Over the years other clubs also adopted grade 5 into their one day events.  Today all Pony Club One Day Events are more commonly known as "Horse Trials" and all clubs cater for the young grade 5 rider.  Unfortunately the cross country at Craigie Park was destroyed in the January 1985 bush fires.
The first Horse Trial to be held at the present venue in Johnson Street, Maryborough (then known as Blackman's Lead) was on Sunday 21st October, 1990.  The event was held with only three grades - 3, 4 and 5.  A total of  71 riders competed with 17 riders from the Maryborough Pony Club.
The Maryborough Pony Club gorunds - Blackmans Lead was the second gold mining lead to be opened in Maryborough.  It was opened around the 6th June 1854 with a population of only 150 but by the 27th June 1854 the population had grown to a staggering 1300.  Three years later there were still 300 diggers working Blackmans Lead.  There may even be some gold left, so if your horse stumbles, don't tell him off.  Have a look he may have tripped over a nugget.


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